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Good Engineering Student Study Habits

One of the lessons any Engineering student learns is that no matter how smart you think you are, there will always be one or more classes that will force you to work hard. For most, that means most classes. Here are some lessons I've learned. They are common-sense, but not commonly followed.
Take Notes! Hearing, writing and seeing new concepts and information is crucial to learning. Pay attention, interact with the instructor, and take copious notes.Review. Review class notes every day some time after class. Every day you go to 3 or more technical classes learning things that you probably never imagined existed before. When you learn things in class, they are in your short-term memory, but with so much information to cram into your brain, much is easily lost without further review. A good practice is to create time slots for each class you attended each day and review your notes for that class. You'll find places where you didn't finish out a sentence or equation. Fill in t…