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Tracking an LED with OpenCV

I have become very interested in using webcams to track objects and calculate their relative position in a space. My trusty friend OpenCV 2.4 came in handy. I used Harpia on Ubuntu 10.04 to generate some old, flaky code to track the green LED on an Arduino Mega. I pulled all the functions out of the Harpia code and put them in my own C program. (Code on Github shortly) Since LEDs have a pretty steady color, I took a photo of the LED with the webcam I was using, and then calculated the color value the LED was emitting. From this, I can output X,Y coordinates for the LED in the frame. Below is a quick video I made showing the tracking interface:

Gauss-Seidell Iterative Method for Power Flow Analysis

Probably the most exciting and interesting thing I learned this Summer in school is using the Gauss-Seidell Method to solve a Power Flow Analysis problems

The Matlab code below is posted on Git.

{edit} Code is not working. I get a slightly different answer than what I'm supposed to. I've got to run through it but I'm a bit too busy with school right now. :-)