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The Sentients: Making an Exception

A quick story I had to write for my Mobile Robotics class. We had to write a Sci-Fi story involving a team of mobile robots.

Making an ExceptionA swarm of robotic creatures, known as Sentients, is the sustaining force behind our planet’s civilization. They are responsible for transporting and moving everything on the planet to its destination. They are small and modular, run off the energy transmitted by the sun, and have a device in them that cancels the planet’s gravitational effect on them. This allows them to fly very efficiently.
One Sentient could easily fit in the palm of one’s hand. It has a small hand like claw with full degrees of freedom in any direction. It looks like something between a human hand and the tentacles of an octopus. When larger deliveries were to be made, say for example delivering and moving a piano, dozens of Sentient robots would form an enclosing structure around the package, and in unison, pick the item up and deliver it to its destination.

These creatur…