ZyXEL Armor Z2 AC2600 is the best router I've owned

I recently reviewed this router on Amazon and thought I'd post it on here as well. I set out to thoroughly test router and push it to its maximum capabilities. As everyone else, I want a router the "just works" without having to constantly reboot it, click through tons of pages, but still be able to have control over more granular features when needed. Well, the good news is that this router exceeded all my expectations!

The Zyxel router comes packaged with everything you need: cables, adapters, etc. It operates on both the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz ISO spectrum at the latest maximum speeds the 802.11 standard supports.

When you first plug in the route and start configuring it, it comes with the latest high-encryption standards enabled. There is no chance that you could accidentally leave this router misconfigured for any hacker to penetrate. The default supplied password is a long random string of characters that would take all the computers in the world a thousand years to crack...suffice it to say, you will be secure.

When it comes to configuring this router, its a breeze! It comes with a web interface for configuring it and allows you to see each computer connected to your Wifi. You are able to set controls for different systems and curfews in an intuitive interface. Most of the technical jargon and confusing settings are hidden unless you click on "expert" mode.

Even in expert mode, for people like myself, it doesn't usually offer enough capabilities. What truly makes this router the ultimate nerd dream, is that the software of the underlying system is based on the OpenWRT router operating system. So essentially, this router is running a high performance version of Linux. I have poked around and customized this router beyond anything you could do with a regular router from one of the main router companies out there.

Whether you are an expert like me, or just a basic user, this is your ideal router. It is secure, easy to set up, and very reliable. I have used it for several months now and never had such good internet speeds. I have yet to reboot this router. My former router, for which I paid $250 from a electronics store, constantly needed to be restarted.

Do yourself a favor, and buy this router.


  1. One Amazon review of this unit says it seems the firmware is a RC version and updates only made it worse.
    Can you confirm what DDWRT version is installed?


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