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Engineering Education Thoughts for Auburn University

I graduated with my Batchelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, Magna Cum Laude. I am finishing my M.S. in Electrical Engineering this semester (Spring 2018). As I'm continuing to my Ph.D., I have noticed a trend that I hope will be reversed in the future. This trend is not unique to Auburn but seems to be prevalent in your average ABET accredited Engineering School. So I'll pick on my alma mater.Auburn's core curriculum is eroding the amount of major versus non-major credits undergraduates take. My observation is that we are not giving them the degree of academic freedom that fosters an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Countless faculty members I've talked to in Engineering departments concur. As time goes on, fewer in-major courses, especially electives, are a part of an Engineering student's curriculum.This, in a sense, forces a student who is interested in any specialized area in a major, to go to graduate school. I…